New Report: North Korea has Stolen In Excess of $1 Billion Worth of Crypto Assets

New Report: North Korea has Stolen In Excess of $1 Billion Worth of Crypto Assets

Hackers sponsored by the North Korean government have stolen over $1 billion worth of digital assets since 2017.

UN holds talks with North Korea on US soldier Pvt. Travis King

The deputy commander of the U.N. Command said Monday it has started conversations with North Korea over an American soldier who ran into the North last week across the Koreas’ heavily armed border.

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Are North Korean hackers after YOUR crypto?

In 2022, cryptocurrencies worth 3.5 billion Euros were stolen. Almost 45% of the thefts are associated with North Korea. It is feared that the country will use the money to finance its nuclear weapons program. How can you protect yourself?

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UN report: Stolen cryptocurrency funded North Korea’s missile programme

According to a UN report, North Korea has been using stolen cryptocurrency to fund its expanding nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. The rogue state carried out nine missile launches in January, the most it has done in a single month. Melinda Nucifora has more.
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North Korea stole $50 million in cryptos 2020/2021, says UN | DW News

A UN report says North Korea’s missile program is being funded through stolen crypto-currency. North Korean cyber-attacks have stolen more than 50 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency in the past two years, according to investigators.
Such attacks are an ‘important revenue source’ for Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic missile program, the report says.

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