Opera Integrates DeversiFi to Improve P2P Ethereum Transactions

Opera Integrates DeversiFi to Improve P2P Ethereum Transactions

The popular multi-platform web browser Opera has integrated with DeversiFi, a decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by Starkware’s Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, in a bid to offer fast and cheap transactions within its mobile browser wallet.

MetaMask Dumps Apple | ASX Scraps Blockchain | Opera Browser NFT Minting | Uniswap NFT Marketplace

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0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Opera Browser NFT Minting
1:26 – Uniswap NFT Marketplace
2:18 – Metamask To Ditch Apple
3:22 – ASX Cancels Blockchain Project


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Ultimate Intro to Ethereum Ðapp Development [Part 12] – Oracles and Oraclize

Video Notes:

This is Part 12 of a 24 part screencast series outlining everything you need to know in order to get started building Ðapps in Ethereum. The series covers creating an Ethereum development environment, how to use various Javascript libraries to interact with the Ethereum protocol, simple ways to send transactions to the main Ethereum network, how to write and test smart contracts, how to run your own Ethereum node, how to mine Ether, adventures into undergraduate computer science, and more.

These videos were recorded in November 2016, so some of the information might be slightly dated.

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ETH wallet in mobile Opera browser

ETH wallet in mobile Opera browser

Solidity 0.5.5, Opera to add iOS wallets and libraries updates | Blockchain Dev Weekly 11.03.19

00:32 – Aeternity Minerva
01:20 – Solidity
02:00 – Truffle
02:40 – Web3js
03:26 – Solidity IDE
04:50 – Red-Black Binary Search Tree
06:10 – Opera
07:10 – Building with ethers.js

In this weeks Blockchain Developer Weekly Digest we take a look at what has happened with the networks over the past week, showcase noteworthy updates of some popular libraries and highlight some new ones. I’ve also added a piece of news from Opera and Ethers.js tutorial.

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Resource Links:
Aeternity Minerva –
Solidity 0.5.5 –
Truffle 5.0.7 –
Web3js –
Solidity IDE 2.0.0 –
Red-Black Binary Search Tree Library –
Opera –
Build an Ethereum dapp using ethers.js –

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